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 Oh golly, I've been gone a while and a bit MIA in the sims community as of late. I've been busy so fear not, I'm not abandoning you, my sweet mistress! And though it's been a bit since I took these pictures, here's the next installment of The Cereal Legacy.

Also, since the last update, I installed Gunmod's Radiance Lighting Mod so that's why the lighting is different. Just an FYI.
Yee, boi.

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 I don't know if anyone actually reads this text right here, above the cover but I just wanted to let you guys know that I probably won't have my computer for the next 7-10 days. I need to take it in tomorrow because one of the fans is broken and I've been putting it off for way too long and my computer may have suffered damage as a result of the heat. Let's all cross our fingers and hope not. Anyway, so I decided to go ahead and start editing the pictures for this chapter in an attempt to get it up before that.  But who knows. I originally wrote this on Sunday....  Lol, guys, jk, I wrote this over a month ago. Family vacation/dramaz and me being lazy/playing The Sims Medieval. Sorry. D: 

Has anyone noticed how chapter 2 is ridiculously longer than chapter 1?
Yeah. I'm that cool.
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Just thought I'd share some pictures of some sims I've made recently.

This is Olive, my little librarian. 
Chelsea, who likes to party until sunrise and read mystery novels.
And this is Asha (whose name is subject to change). She's shy and sweet but fiercely loyal.
A lot of times I make up these intense stories for my sims in my head, and hers involves her being one of only a handful of survivors in a post-apocalyptic future.
I always want to write a sims story but then I remember I'm lazy.
Also I have the worst headache ever right now. And my dad keeps dropping metal bowls.


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Part two. For those of you just joining us, this chapter is in two parts. Read part one first or you're going to be VERY confused.Read more... )
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Chapter 2.4 is in two parts because it's so long and I figured this would be easier on your systems.

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Retextures, using Pooklet's textures and colors, of Peggy's 07306 hair. Just naturals. Mesh is included. Binned.

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New dress using the Dress with Ankle Boots mesh. Available in six colors. Mesh is included.


- Gelydh for the original mesh
- Azaya for the belt texture, which I shamelessly stole from one of her dresses.
- Nilou for the skirt texture, which I shamelessly stole from her Kayleigh AL Dress.
Also, my journal theme makes this look retarded because the images are too big. Argh.
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 Okay, crap, you guys.
I think relationships are screwed up in my game. Like, despite how high the daily relationship or even the other, whatever the bottom one is, my sims aren't becoming 'friends' with others.
Okay, the top one is Blazej's and look at old Alien Eyes (guy in the middle). 
The bottom one is Pistachio's and look over at Clover (alien baby).
Just... crap. what do I do?
I really really hope this doesn't fuck up my game. I'm freaking out. AHH.
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 I know what you're thinking. "So soon, Grace? You just posted a chapter the other day! Usually you go at least a month in between chapters." 
Yes, yes I know, dear reader. But I just played the other day and for once felt like just sitting down and resizing all the pictures and such.
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 So, back in January, I was going to start writing a sims story. I made all the main characters in bodyshop and starting coming up with their story and then... nothing. Basically, I jokingly made sim!Charlotte (aka Little Charlotte or Larlotte) and that spawned The Cereal Legacy, which I decided to do instead of writing a sims story, for the time being. However, today, I decided to a take a few pictures of two of the characters.
Meet June and AJ.
(I feel that I should clarify that June is the girl, AJ the boy, since those are gender neutral names)

This one was an accident, but I love it. AJ is totally looking down her shirt and she's just like "Yup."
Also, you know, inside of her head. LITERALLY.

They're such a sweet couple, even in my game. But yeah. Now I'm going to go write that essay I should have written yesterday. YAY.

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Retextures, using Pooklet's textures and colors, of Bailey's alpha edit of a XM sims hair. Just naturals, all binned. Mesh is included. It's also my first hair retexture, so I'm pretty pumped.

-XM Sims for the mesh
-Bailey for the alpha edit of the mesh
-Pooklet for the textures and color actions


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