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Part two. For those of you just joining us, this chapter is in two parts. Read part one first or you're going to be VERY confused.
 Let's do this!
Clover is enraged by her pajamas, and by her own creativity when she grew up.
No one here to blame but you, bb.

These two are pretty cute together.

"Ah, the sweet smell of a fresh, clean toilet."
I want to make fun of you, Clover, but I have this amazing toilet bowl cleaner that smells like ~eucalyptus~ and I LOVE IT.


If Charlotte hadn't had to pee, this would have gone on for all of eternity.
Also, I just realized I put the rabbit head in Pistachio's inventory in between shots. O lol.


Clover gave Pistachio a hug, welcoming him home and congratulating him on his promotion to lieutenant.

Zeebum, I don't care if you're an insomniac, but stop being such a creep.





But Blazej isn't the only one getting irrationally angry.

Charlotte is bringing out the stupid inside. Oh dear...

Charlotte usually is up first, but I'm not going to pretend this isn't creepier than Zeebum doing the same thing. BECAUSE IT IS.



"Don't mind me, just drawing llamas everywhere."

As sad as I am that she took away Pistachio's favorite part of the day, I'm also so proud. JUST LIKE HER DADDY. :'D

Charlotte, meanwhile, typically likes to start tickling wars with Cumin.

One of these is not like the others...
Oh dear. I think Zeebum might not like Wendy Byall.
I'm a little worried that you felt you needed to study anger management...

LOLWUT. Suddenly, Charlotte has a bolt for Dongsool, where before she had a negative bolt for him, if I remember correctly.
Hot damn, you cougar.
Geez, someone get a handle on these hobby people. Coming in to watch children sleep? *shudder*
Also, if anyone else is wondering what I was wondering, which was what the fuck that branch thing is, it's part of the mobile on his ceiling. Lol. My photography skills.
Blazej, not watching to see intruders coming into his son's room, attempted to read to Clover, clearly forgetting that she had gone to bed a while before.
She may be old, but she's still got it.
Breakfast is always an exciting affair. Not only is there limited seating at the table, but Grandma comes to breakfast in her undies... after having sex with some guy named Dongsool.

I did not realize that Charlotte and Blazej were this comfortable around one another.

Clover most definitely looks like she's either intensely scratching her butt, or removing a wedgie... Either way, can't you wait till you get inside?
Come on, Blazej. Look excited. It's the kid's birthday.
Aww. So adorable.
Cumin rolled Family, and his LTW is to reach his Golden Anniversary. His turn ons are brown hair and logic, and his turn off is mechanical skill.
I had Cumin change into everyday so you could really appreciate the outfit he grew up in.

Such a rude awakening for Doug. Blazej, don't look so joyful...
Clover really wanted a guinea pig, though Charlotte looks a little worried.
Though, of course, she changed her mind as soon as she saw Janet.
Coming to Fox this fall... Dancing with Guinea Pigs. 8/7 central.
Cumin has more luck fixing the computer than Charlotte.
I decided to finally make an upstairs, so here it is.
The outside.
The staircase and such. I have no idea why Charlotte is relaxing on Clover's bed. Maybe trying to absorb her alien powers...
And this is our super anti-climatic ending. This part may have been less exciting just because holy crap, my stomach is like... shit is super painful whatever is happening. OH MY EXCUSES. ;__;
So. What chu thing?


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