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 I don't know if anyone actually reads this text right here, above the cover but I just wanted to let you guys know that I probably won't have my computer for the next 7-10 days. I need to take it in tomorrow because one of the fans is broken and I've been putting it off for way too long and my computer may have suffered damage as a result of the heat. Let's all cross our fingers and hope not. Anyway, so I decided to go ahead and start editing the pictures for this chapter in an attempt to get it up before that.  But who knows. I originally wrote this on Sunday....  Lol, guys, jk, I wrote this over a month ago. Family vacation/dramaz and me being lazy/playing The Sims Medieval. Sorry. D: 

Has anyone noticed how chapter 2 is ridiculously longer than chapter 1?
Yeah. I'm that cool.

 Let's do this!

Between Cumin's want to be Clover's best friend, and Clover's want for logic points, I figured this was the best compromise. 
Though Cumin does love to pull a Charlotte and just walk up to her and tickle her, constantly.

I figure Pistachio yelling at anyone is pretty scary anyhow. 

Oh snap. I feel like it would have been appropriate for Pistachio to have a glorious cop mustache for this.

Blazej: the next Julia Child, amirite?

Can I just say, I freaking love the watermelon on this? Okay, that is all.

 Charlotte knows something everyone should know: the best conversations happen in bathrooms.

Oh, Moonface. I'd be mad but...

....Clover doesn't seem too broken up over it.


And 10 minutes later it happens again.
Clover seems excited to have a new friend. Even if said friend is a ghost. And a dog.
And now we take a break to witness Zeebum's !ANGRY POOP!.

Even though he needs to be getting ready for work, Pistachio still tries to clean the tub.

I forced him to take a shower, and for some reason Blazej decided to clean the dishes in the bathroom sink. Way to not be creepy, Blazej.


After this shocking discovery, Zeebum takes a moment to fantasize about his lover, the counter. Their romance is forbidden; their lust is tangible.

"Oh yus, i liek dis."
While Zeebum isn't a fan of most cuddles, he absolutely adores Charlotte.

He puts up with it, and even loves it, even when it causes his face to be chopped by her hat.

Blazej has been a busy bee as of late, working on his series of steamy romance novels. 

"Thomas shivered as Rick grabbed the steaming hot gravy boat, but cried out in ecstasy as the gravy was poured onto his skin. 'I am delicious now', he moaned. 'This may be the best Thanksgiving ever', Rick said, licking his lips, his tongue flapping about flaccidly. Thomas suddenly flailed about wildly, almost as though he was having a seizure. 'I just came...' he said."
Doug: he's classy.
Doug: Lol, hai Janet. Sup?
Janet: Oh, not much. Just curing cancer, despite the fact that the scientific community refuses to take me seriously. 
Doug: Lol, kay. Bai!

Clover discovers that the red-head likes to play chess too, and makes a new friend.

And of course, Moonface had to investigate!

Charlotte... you look so... sad. What's wrong?

Doug howled into the night, sad, mournful.
The others, hearing his cries, ran outside. 
Moonface appeared then, to comfort Charlotte: she wouldn't let her best friend travel into this next life alone.
Charlotte gave Death a good look over.
"So, you've come for me." she said, simply.
"I have."
Charlotte knew this wasn't the end -- it was the beginning of a new chapter.
"I'll miss them all so much..." Charlotte said, tearfully.
She could not see his face, but she felt as though Death was smiling at her. 
"Do not worry, Charlotte Cereal," Death told her, "You'll always be with them, watching over them."
With a simple wave of his hand, Death produced a drink in his hand. Not a solemn drink, or a polite drink, but a fabulous party drink.
"I understand now." she said. "Thank you."
Charlotte took the drink, a smile upon her face, and took a sip, finally ready. Around her, the others cried, but Moonface smiled. She knew Charlotte would finally be with her again.
"Goodbye, my babies!" She called out, picking up her suitcase. "Don't be sad. We'll see each other again soon."
And so Charlotte and Death departed, now as friends.


I know that this always gets serious, and I actually like, write, when sad stuff happens, but I feel like it's only right. Charlotte was the greatest. 
Once again, sorry for taking so long with this. Hopefully the next chapter will be up way way sooner. I need to edit pictures again though but yeah.
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